Pinch your friends with AR greetings

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Pinch allows consumers and businesses to create AR greetings for their loved ones ( or customers ) combined with animation, video, text and sound. Attach surprises to real physical objects in their surroundings ( i.e coffee table, bedroom pillow ) and send it via Pinch’s social platform. When the recipient  arrives at the location the surprise was created and pinched, they will receive a notification on his phone. As they launch Pinch app, their surprise will automatically come to life!

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Key Features

It takes just seconds to produce a one-of-a kind surprise to your loved ones. Pinch  lets you:

● Add, delete, and share greetings with a simple touch

● fully interact with a live video/audio feed

● Create instant pinch or location based pinch

● Choose from an assortment of animations, models , gifts and more

● Share your surprises by using Pinch’s social platform or share it via Facebook, Instagram Whatsapp and more

● Save your Pinches to your phone , send it to a friend or share it

Pinch lingo

Verb – A surprising object sent to another.

Immersed in real environment , using AR (augmented reality) and real life coordinates.

Usually will be sent with a decorated package combining animation and personal message

“john: Hey Jessica! Did you remember Lebron’s birthday is today?

Jessica: Of course! I have already pinched him one”